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A Yarn to Spin – A Public Call for Recollections

Did you work in Dundee’s jute industry? If so, Verdant Works want to hear from you!

Verdant Works in the Blackness area is one of the best-kept secrets in Dundee. The museum tells the story of Jute in Dundee and how this practical fabric was the fabric of the city for so long.  

The team at Verdant Works are delighted to announce a new oral history project: A Yarn to Spin. The team at Verdant Works want to hear from those who worked in the industry and record their oral histories. These stories will help bring to life the first of the three “J’s” Courier Country is known for. The team hope to hear from the jute workers of Dundee to preserve these stories through a series of articles, poetry, and song exploring different elements of the industry. These will be brought together under the title ‘A Yarn to Spin’.

Every story helps us to learn more about the jute industry in Dundee, working life in the industry and the lives of those who were shaped by Jute in the second half of the 20th century. 

Mel Ruth Oakley, Collections Curator at the museum, says, “I am really excited to hear the stories of anyone who worked in the industry. It is an absolute pleasure to listen to the stories of mill workers. What was once every day is at risk of being lost to time. The aim of this project is to avoid that. It is always very special to hear from someone who isn’t sure they have anything to tell me; it is usually these individuals who have the most interesting stories and can bring to life what it was like working in Dundee’s jute industry.”

If you worked in the Jute industry, contact the team at collections@dundeeheritage.co.uk, 01382 236519 or Verdant Works, West Hendersons Wynd, Dundee, DD1 5BT.  

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