About Verdant Works

Verdant Works | Made in Dundee | One Mill | Many Stories

Verdant Works is a world class visitor attraction which tells the story of Dundee’s industrial textile heritage in the atmospheric setting of a beautifully refurbished Mill building.  Hear the tales of the mill workers, see how they lived and worked in an industry which enveloped Dundee.  Explore this amazing building, see (and hear) the machines at work, and step back to a time where the Mills were the heart of Dundee.


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Where next

Why not combine a visit to Verdant Works with a trip to our sister museum Discovery Point.

Discovery Point is home to RRS Discovery – Made in Dundee | Designed for Adventure.
This award-winning visitor attraction tells the story of the iconic ship Discovery from her beginnings in Dundee, her amazing Antarctic expedition with Captain Scott and her voyages and uses thereafter.  Through extensive galleries, video and film shows, interactives and artefacts, Discovery Point is a fascinating visitor attraction which appeals to all ages.

Save money and buy your tickets for both at the same time. There is no need to buy tickets in advance and joint tickets can be purchased on the day at Verdant Works or Discovery Point.

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