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The Arctic Whaling Year

6 October - 6 January, 2019

An exploration in textile of the arctic whaling trade from Dundee by Caroline Hack.  The works follow the annual cycle of preparation, spring sailing to the arctic whaling grounds, the perils of whaling, return in the autumn and the products and consequences of whaling.  The series of new works are based on Caroline’s research visits, collections and archives in Dundee, Shetland, Spitsbergen, Greenland and Newfoundland. 

Caroline Hack is a Norfolk based textile artist and printmaker. Her longstanding love of the classic whaling tale Moby-Dick lead to an interest in British Arctic Whaling, visiting related places, heritage sites and collections both in the UK and abroad.  The history and collections in Dundee have held a particular draw for her and she was delighted to be invited to exhibit her whaling textile pieces at the Verdant Works, an important example of why arctic whaling continued on here in Dundee later than other UK ports.

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