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Diagnosis: Kidnapped! Escape Room at Verdant Works

18 February - 18 February, 2024

Diagnosis: Kidnapped! Escape Room at Verdant Works with School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee


Join us at Verdant Works, in our fascinating ‘Tackling TB’ exhibition, for an escape game with a difference.

Date: Sunday 18th February

Time: 11am and 2pm

Tickets: Via School of Life Sciences Eventbrite

It’s a terrifying situation. Scientists kidnapped! Our crack team of medicine-making experts has been taken from a conference. They’re on the eve of announcing a major breakthrough. Has someone kidnapped them to take their research?

The scientists who work in the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research solve scientific puzzles every single day, in their quest to make new medicines. To do that, they have to understand how deadly microbes work, and discover new chemical molecules that kill them – without harming humans, of course. In this game, you’ll get to experience some of the challenges that the scientists go through – lives are at stake.

Drinks and snacks included in ticket price. Please note, the game does have some scientific puzzles, so might be tricky for younger players.

Children under 12 will need to be accompanied by a parent – you don’t have to play, but it is fun. It’s a collaborative game, so expect to meet new friends on your team.

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