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Exhibits. Picturing Dundee: Street Photography and portraits

15 April - 30 July, 2023


15th of April – 30th of July

This exhibition by Mathew Schwartz incorporates photographs from two projects:

Impressionistic Streets of Dundee (Monochrome), 2020–2022

The pandemic gave me thoughts about isolation — how we could live so close and yet largely have to stay so socially distanced from others, at least by household. My desire was to foster a sense of disconnection between the viewer and the figures encountered in the landscape, using a grainy and almost impressionistic approach.


Portraits: Workers in the West End of Dundee, 2018–2020 (Colour)

Until the pandemic began, I was making portraits of individuals who work in and are recognizable within the West End of Dundee, be they the local tailor, greengrocer, shop assistant, barista, builder, tattoo artist or lollipop man.


People live in communities, and businesses reflect the community in which they exist, including time and place. Mathews’s goal was to document the neighbourhood as the city undergoes profound changes due to regeneration, a changing population and the vibrant mix of old and new that this has created.

About Mathew 

Mathew Schwartz is a Chicago-born photographer who’s resided in Scotland since 2010. He’s an active member of the Royal Photographic Society, which awarded him an associate distinction (ARPS) based on the 15-image monochrome panel of photographs featured in this exhibition, and of the St Andrews Photographic Society, where he served as president from 2012–2015. In 2018, Mathew moved to live in Dundee and has never looked back!

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