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Music in the Mill | Barbara Dymock & Christopher Marra

10 August - 10 August, 2018

13:20-13:50hrs / all ages
£2 includes tea/coffee, no booking required. Children, free.

Join us for a special fortnightly summer programme of lunchtime concerts in the High Mill, covering a wide range of music genres.

Barbara and Christopher will closing this summer’s programme of concerts. They are a pair with many and varied musical collaborations behind them and a vast experience of performing. The Herald has described their stage shows as: “a musically enjoyable, mischievously entertaining performance from a well-matched duo”.

Barbara was brought up in Fife, learning Scottish and Irish songs from her grandparents. At Dundee Uni she began singing with the newly formed Ceolbeg, and was amazed that people were interested in hearing her granny’s “auld sangs”. She has been pleasing crowds with her traditional songs ever since, and in 2011 was nominated as Scots Singer of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards.

Chris has been a musician since his teens, working in many distinct fields from bighair rock to sophisticated pop with Danny Wilson via London’s Theatreland. The majority of his time was spent recording and performing with his brother Michael Marra, producing albums for Michael and the legendary Saint Andrew.

Together, and using a sprinkling of musicians from multiple genres, in 2016 they produced Leaf an’ Thorn, an album whose 13 tracks crackle with an air of diversity.

Doors open from 13:00hrs

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